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                                 Guide to Campus gets its Premiere

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A Campus Guide that Paints the Bigger Picture

Meet the April – November 2016 Team

Guide to Campus: Hanging out with CUSU Sabbs

Guide to Campus: Meets Careers CU Service

This project aims to connect prospective and current first

year undergraduate, postgraduate and international students

to the Coventry campus through the production of a culture specific

video guide.

The aim of the guide is to provide a useful insight into student

life at Coventry University. It provides relevant information for

students coming to study in the UK and reflect the academic as

well as social aspects of the university lifestyle.

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The ultimate purpose of this project is to bring together students

from all cultures and create the opportunity for them to work as a

team to create a short film that first year and prospective students

can engage with prior to starting their course at Coventry

University. As well as enhancing current skills, there will be

opportunities to learn new ones.

Students taking part in the project can also apply for a recognised accreditation to use on their professional profiles, such as Open Badge and CGE Uk Work Experience accreditation.

Guide to Campus: The Gallery

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