Guide to Campus meets Spirituality & Faith



Do pressures of university and approaching deadlines overtake your mind? In the center of the campus right in the heart of student life, the Hub, there is a peaceful and harmonious place that welcomes everyone.

Explore the Spirituality and Faith Centre together with the Guide to Campus team!

Coventry University is a multicultural place and all of the nationalities have different traditions and beliefs. Stuart explained that everyone has similar needs and, although the faiths and cultures can be different, all of us seek to recognise these needs. Stuart noted:


 ‘We try and meet at a social level: a cup of tea, a chat and a friendly face.’


Spirituality and Faith Centre is comprised of various facilities; as explained by Serazul, they include a mosque, a chapel, prayer rooms together with general university facilities, such as kitchen. Moreover, there are Friday prayers held for those of Islamic faith.



Rosie emphasised:

‘We are open to people of all faiths and none.’


She explained that chaplains support people regardless of their religious belief and encourage to explore what is out there without persuading people to join a particular faith. Rosie also highlighted that spirituality does not refer to following a particular faith tradition and that it has a much broader meaning.

Stuart explained that the Spirituality and Faith Centre is a reflection resource, which can be used within the courses at university, such as occupational therapy, irrespective of the religious beliefs. He mentioned how the center contributes to the wider university:


‘The ability to think about what’s happened, why things happen and how you respond to circumstances is an intrical part of being a care professional, a health professional and a better human being.’


The Spirituality and Faith Centre is located on the 3rd floor of the Hub and can be accessed two ways: either through the Jordan Well entrance or through the food court and up the stairs.

Rosie admitted:


‘You have a lot of stairs to climb up but it’s worth it when you get here.’

There is no need to make an appointment to see a chaplain! There is usually one in everyday, but you can also make an appointment if you wish.



Written by Anastasia Romanova

Edited by: Esmé Spurling 


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