Guide to Campus Meet CU Careers Service


There are many options for working while you study at Coventry University. The Careers Team helps students to access and secure placement and job opportunities. Discover how to take advantage of the Careers Service in the exclusive interview by Cynthia, a team member of Guide to Campus.

Freshers week is now over, and it is the perfect time to find a part-time job to get some extra cash and transferrable skills to enhance your CV.

Charlotte and Eleysha were asked why is it so important to offer Careers and Employability Service to students. Charlotte pointed out that students face many issues with part-time jobs: writing a CV and a cover letter, preparing for their first interview or even, simply getting general careers advice.


Charlotte explained how the Careers Service can be helpful to students to Guide to Campus Interviewer, Cynthia:

“When they are coming up to finishing university and graduating, I think, it can be a real struggle, so knowing that they have such a service as ours, I think, can be quite reassuring.”


Cynthia clarified if any student from any year could seek advice and Eleysha reassured that the Central Careers Service is here to support all students no matter their year of study or experience:

“Anybody can seek advice from the Careers Service! Even after you graduate and you’re an alumni, you can use the service for as long as you want to.”


Careers Service is available on the 1st Floor of The Hub

The service is easily accessible and is flexible around your timetable.

During term time the opening hours are 8:30 to 18:00 so that students can make appointments at any convenient time, however, out of term the Careers Desk closes at 17:00.


Charlotte admitted that many students are not aware of where the Careers desk is. She explained:

“We are right behind in the Hub, on the First floor, just past the Food Court through the glass double doors.”


Cynthia asked Charlotte and Eleysha to give some advice for students who were not sure what to do after their degree. Eleysha mentioned that by doing lots of tests to find out what kind of job may fit you, then Service team will guide you on the right way!

The Careers Service are happy to assist students in their job research. especially if it is their first job.

Charlotte added that university has consultants for each faculty:

“Students can book a half hour appointment to chat, or request more time to discuss things in greater detail to help them make the correct decisions.” 

Finally, it is definitely worth finding where the Careers Service are based, which is on the first floor of the hub.

Eleysha gave some advice to new students:

“It is worth contacting the Careers Service when you first time get here as they can really benefit and advise you.”


Charlotte’s advice:

 “Don’t leave it until last minute, preparation is important!”



Follow the Careers Team on social media for more information on opportunities for you!


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Written by Anastasia Romanova & Wenye He (Guide to Campus Members)

Edited by Esmé Spurling


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