Digital Leaders: Project Launch


The newly formed project student – staff collaboration of the Office of Teaching & Learning, Lanchester Library and Disruptive Media Learning Lab [DMLL] has been launched today, in the Grass, 3rd Floor DMLL.


This collaborative project aims to equipped Coventry University students with the professional skills to share their own knowledge of the digital world to peers. This unique mentoring programme not only gives students the opportunity to specialise in an area of the web, privacy or communication they are most interested in but also provides the opportunity to apply for professional accreditation by Open Badges and the Digital Leader grant scheme.

For more information about this please see our previous blog post Click Here.

The first of 3 introduction sessions for Digital Leaders begun at 10.30am this morning (31st October), led by Holly & Phil (Subject Librarians).

Followed by the second afternoon session at 2pm in the Grass, DMLL.

Activities included writing on a reflection bubble posing the question:

“What do digital skills mean to you?”


The insightful responses immediately sparked discussion within the group – including the opinions that digital skills mean:


“…being able to work with various technologies”


“To present yourself digitally… and to meet your own goals via digital media technologies”


Students quickly recognised that technologies have developed so much that the majority of activities and work are now digital – but the discussion quickly led to questioning the security element of the web where as others suggested that digital skills made daily activities more simplified.


As the conversations began to develop further, the next question posed by Holly, asked “what type of digital animal are you?”


Click Here to take the online digital animal quiz!



The next introduction session will be held in the DMLL, The Grass, Friday 4th November 10.30am – 12.30pm.

If you have not yet registered please note, you can do this by emailing: with an expression of interest. 


Thank you to those who attended today, for additional information on the next Digital Leader sessions please visit the Digital Leader’s website Click Here.



Written & Photography by Esmé Spurling


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