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For the benefit of Coventry University Student Union Representatives: 

Educational Strategy: edu strat.png

Our Educational Strategy imbeds a common thread throughout all courses that are studied at Coventry University – the “Coventry Way”.

Each course is checked and monitored by academics in order to regularly develop the subject area to ensure students have imbedded international experience; professional placements and working with innovation and digital fluency throughout the degree.

Students careers are developed straight away from the first year.

For more information on the Educational Strategy, download the interactive ebook:


Assessment Strategy:

10 Pillars of the Assessment Strategy:

Our Coventry University Assessment Strategy has been introduced in order to enable students see and actively measure the progress of their degree and assessment of learning. This strategy helps courses develop for students benefit, in terms of the most effective assessment – written, presentation skills or coursework.

To see the full strategy please visit the website page, included in the Corporate Plan: Click Here

Student Charter 2016/17:

The student charter is an agreement of the partnership and shared values between the University the students and student union.

For example: this includes “students are expected to be active participants of their own learning / responsibility and initiative to communicate with the student union” and equally “the university undertakes to provide clear learning outcomes and “embedded employability skills and real world opportunities for each student”.

Download the Charter here: student-charter-2016

Become an Student Engagement Partner


On the 16th November, training for students who wish to be an Student Engagement Partner will be launching.  If you wish to find out more about this project and sign up for a training session, Click Here

All undergraduate and postgraduate courses are reviewed annually through the Course Quality Enhancement and Monitoring (CQEM) process. This process ensures that course teams are properly formed and are given the space to reflect and discuss issues raised, review the operation of the course using the Course Performance Data Pack and other sources of feedback and then plan actions for the academic year. This process ensures that course teams meet at least twice every year (January/February and June/July)

Why get involved?

Work as partner with the staff team within your department to review and plan your course

Gain in-depth knowledge and make contribution to how your course is developed and reviewed

Gain a whole range of skills which will make you super employable

Earn a certificate of active involvement from the university which highlights skills acquired

What is required?

Attend a preparatory training

Meet as a team with the other students partners in your course

Attend the Course Team meeting

Submit feedback report to your course director and to the Student Engagement Research officer

How to be involved?

Details will be communicated shortly, however you can indicate your interest by sending your name, email, course of study, level of study and phone number to

Please encourage your peers to get involve




Written by Esmé Spurling


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