Student Engagement Partner: Professional Experience Opportunity

Did you know that all undergraduate and postgraduate courses are reviewed annually so that they meet course quality standards?

Do you want to have a say in the way your course is reviewed and planned?

If so, we are offering you the chance to work as a partner with the staff team within your department. Sign Up here!

Not only will you gain in-depth knowledge and make contribution to how your course is developed but you can also gain a whole range of skills which will enhance your employment chances and you will earn a certificate of active involvement from the university which highlights the skills you have acquired.

You will also get some valuable professional experience which will enhance your CV! (including the extra benefits you can apply for during the training!)

All you will need to do is to attend one introduction meeting, meet as a team with the other student partners on your course and submit a feedback report to your course director and to the Student Engagement Research Officer.


Details will be communicated shortly, however, you can indicate your interest by sending your name, email, course of study, level of study, and phone number to or register your interest by Clicking Here

Please encourage your peers to get involved. ALL students are welcome to apply!


Written by Ali Bushnell

Edited by Esmé Spurling


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