Are YOU ready to become a CU Digital Leader?

A new student initiative will be launched on the 31st October. A special collaboration of the Office of Teaching & Learning, Lanchester Library and the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL).

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 CU Digital Leaders is a new student to staff partnership being piloted in 2016-17 with the aim of helping students improve their digital competences, take ownership of their online presence and gain awareness of their own digital identities. Based on peer-to-peer learning, this progamme will enable students to adapt their learning outside the classroom to their coursework. Skills learnt will be shared as a group and benefit one another as a team – and, not to mention, the perks that comes with becoming a Digital Leader!

In order to apply, you must be a student at Coventry University (Open to both Undergraduate and Postgraduates!) and attend ONE introduction session and development workshops.

It’s a 2 step programme! Introduction sessions will be on Monday 31st October & Friday 4th November, held at the DMLL 3rd floor. Click Here to register!

Once you have trained to become a Digital Leader, you will have access to hosting our own website for free, which is useful for all students who wish to develop their portfolios, online CV’s and digital gallery skills. You will also be eligible to apply for a grant, supported by the DMLL.

Additional benefits of participating to become a Digital Leader also include professional accreditation in the form of an Open Badge.

This is a digitalised accreditation you can then apply to your website / LinkedIn/ WordPress that informs employers of your skills and ability that you gained whilst applying for that specific Badge. For more information visit the Open Badges project page Click Here

This student initiative will be running until April 2017, as a pilot, with the intention of supporting students to facilitate and run their own digital leader workshops and with successful continuation.

Students, its up to you how you want to tailor your experience as a Digital Leader!

Don’t miss out – sign up to attend an introduction session here. 

Have a question? Follow the team on Twitter! @CUDigitalleader

For more information on the Digital Leaders team and more opportunities visit the project page, Click Here 



Written & edited by Esmé Spurling

Graphics: Becky Morris, Kate Green  


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