Guide to Campus member is now a welcoming sight to see!

If you come to Coventry by train, you will notice that there is still a great deal of work taking place.

It is all part of the Friargate Development (see previous blog)

The developers are trying to make things a little more interesting and have been looking for people that live, work or study in Coventry to have their photograph taken and say a little bit about what Coventry means to them.

One of Coventry University’s international students, Cynthia Farka, was asked if she would be interested in being involved and she immediately said yes!

Cynthia said:

“I love Coventry. I am an international student studying here and Coventry is my home from home. I enjoy my course, I like the people and I love the University, so when I was approached and asked to be part of this campaign, I couldn’t refuse!”

Cynthia is studying MSc Oil and Gas Engineering. Her hobbies are reading and travelling. She is also a member of the Guide To Campus team and has already brought her communication and team-working skills to the group.

Cynthia had her photograph taken by the marketing company behind the development and they asked what she liked about Coventry. She said that Coventry people were ‘great people’ and that Coventry was ‘a brilliant University’ (thank you Cynthia!)

After a few weeks, she got an email to tell her that her photograph was now up and she can be seen head and shoulders above everything else and has joined other citizens on the striking green and white hoardings.

“I was so excited,” said Cynthia.

“I am also very proud that I am representing the City as well as the University.

“People walk past my photograph every day on their way to or from the railway station. I didn’t realise how big it was going to be!”

Being part of the Guide to Campus team is something Cynthia enjoys and she is working on editing and media skills, which are new to her.

Cynthia aspires to produce a great video to attract new students to Coventry University but we are sure that her welcoming smile on the Friargate development site will also do that as well!

Congratulations, Cynthia – can we have your autograph please?



Written by Ali Bushnell and edited by Esmé Spurling


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