Creating Better Futures Conference [2016]

With over 800 registered delegates and over 130 exciting sessions, the Creating Better Futures Conference, 2016 is already proving to be a huge success.

The Engineering and Computing Building will be a hive of activity over the next two days (23/24 June) and gone is talk of the EU referendum but in its place instead are workshops, presentations, panel discussions and briefing sessions which are all focused on the future of Higher Education in Coventry and beyond.




Kicking off the conference this morning, Ian Dunn, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Experience) highlighted some of the reasons why we were here, what we could achieve, how we could improve and, more importantly how we can influence change at a national and international level.

The CBF conference is an all staff event with both professional and academic staff represented across the University group. Its aim is to act as a forum for sharing our teaching and learning practice, research and development and professional support. This year, there are a number of themes that will be running throughout the two days:

  • 21st Century working
  • Technology as an enabler and tool for transformation
  • Building global communities in HE
  • Best Practice Showcases (Teaching and Learning, Research, Internationalisation, Enterprise and Professional Services Support)
  • Supporting the equalisation of opportunity and attainment, celebrating diversity findings and achievements

It is an ambitious programme and one that will no doubt create a great deal of discussion and hopefully lead to more cross departmental collaboration and forging new working partnerships as well as strengthening existing ones.

As well as all the sessions, the exhibition area on the first floor of the ECB has over 30 displays from research centres, schools and professional services units across the University.

Ian Dunn said:

“Over the next two days we will be reflecting on our continued success and strong research as well as looking at ways to maintain or improve our league table position. We will also be looking to expand on the areas that we can lead the way and help shape Higher Education practice in the UK and beyond.

“A great deal is said about social mobility and we want to ensure that ALL our students have an equal and fair access to opportunities as well as a progression to their chosen professions. We are in an amazing position to make a difference and with our fantastically diverse student population; we can be an agent for change.”



*Lego figure Ian Dunn can be seen in the DMLL exhibition stall until Friday 24th June. 

Written by Ali Bushnell

Edited & photography by Esmé Spurling    (lecture theatre photograph by Ian Upton)


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