FTMYFG: Lights, Camera, – Reflection!

Led by Katherine Wimpenny, (DMLL) & supported by Esmé Spurling (OTL) the arts based research project “Films that Make You Feel Good” had time for a reflection space on Friday 27th May.


Films That Make You Feel Good (FTMYFG) is a professional work experience aimed for undergraduates, primarily for media or science students. The project offers quality curated cinema experiences at Phoenix Leicester’s independent cinema & Leicester City Council’s Neighbourhood team.

The films had been carefully chosen on the basis of enhancing a social interaction, joyful emotions and to provide a generally uplifting experience. Our students had to capture this by a creative method of their choice – but to not intimidate the audience.

The project hit an exciting milestone back on 25th February as the team showcased their group efforts and research findings at a “Careers Playground” hosted in Square One, The Hub.

Click Here to see their work.

On Friday, the team gathered to discuss what they thought worked and could have improved on, whilst reflecting on what they enjoyed the most and had learnt on the project.


Gabriella Fernc (Media & Communications 2nd year Student) said:Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.19.44 am

“Professional team projects like [FTMYFG] give us professional experience – it gives us an idea of what real life projects are like!”




This is important to consider when selecting the right projects to enhance student experience, as studying for a degree is not only for the benefit of academia but also necessary for students to engage in professional experience outside of their selected course.

95% of students to take part in career enhancing activities, according to the 2020 University Corporate Plan.


Katherine Wimpenny (DMLL) described the project as -:

“-Exciting! […] The Team have been very enthusiastic and they had a lot of expectations to work towards but together they achieved some outstanding work!”


Esmé Spurling, (Project Officer, OTL) commented:

“This project has not only connected our students as a strong team but has helped the community of Leicester – Coventry University students have showcased their professional independence which will benefit them for the future!”


For more information on “Films to Make You Feel Good”, please click here

Written by Esmé Spurling

Videographer: Sarah K-Andrews

ES copy 1004-16 Office of Teaching and Learning-01




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