Guide to Campus: The Next Chapter

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Students who choose to continue with their education at a university tend to be there to study their favourite subject and, if they are fortunate enough, they do so at their preferred location.

However, many students, who have recently embarked on their new adventure, realise only too soon that the achievement of obtaining a degree itself is just not enough.

Guide to Campus has enabled 10 of our students at Coventry University to participate in a professional experience project by working together to develop and film a visual and culture specific guide to Coventry University Campus.

This 6 month placement enabled two of our team members, Han Xu (Lucia) and Yiman Wei (Winny) to successfully gain part time positions in Coventry University’s Academic Partnership Unit (APU).

Yiman Wei has a confirmed position as Senior Assistant to organise and help out at a Chinese summer camp. She is writing an invitation letter to the University of China and supporting her group members by facilitating university open day activities.

Yiman Wei’s Portfolio

Guide to Campus Winny’s work behind the scenes: Click Here


Lucia is now working as Graphic Designer in APU and a Media Producer for Culturae Mundi (CGE). She is now continuing her passion for graphic design by helping to organise advertisement for prospective Chinese students, and further add technical media support to the team.

Lucia said,

“We gained a great deal of useful experience by working on Guide to Campus […] Not only can I use new technology for my job, but I will also be working on similar projects. The Guide to Campus experience has enabled me to feel confident and comfortable in my new job!”

Following on from the  success of Guide to Campus, and with the support from CGE UK WEX / DMLL Open Badges; we prepare for the second Guide to Campus, it will be interesting to see what opportunities will arise for our next group of students who are very keen and raring to go.

We will keep you updated of their progress.

ES copy 1004-16 Office of Teaching and Learning-01

Written by Esmé Spurling & Ali Bushnell

For more information on Guide to Campus please see the below link:

Guide to Campus 


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