All Consuming Social Media Experiment: with Viral Goals


A group of students on the ‘Communication, Culture and Media’ MA course, are looking for assistance to help make their project go viral.

Part of their course is called ‘open and social media’ and the aim is to publish a post digital publication as a class that will go viral and will boost Coventry University and the Media and Communication Department in particular.



One of the students, Sandra Ndengue Zambo, explained:


“The primary aim of our work is to identify and critically analyse the relationship individuals have with social media platforms.


“The inherent and underlying network of social media today is more prevalent than ever. Consequently users have adapted it as cardinal activity of their daily lives – by producing content and consuming content – thereby deeming themselves as the ‘Prosumers.’


“We intend to challenge the contract signed by social media users and compare the digital capital earned versus the users’ work of force earnings online. Our primary concerns revolve around intimacy, surveillance, technology, privacy, political objectification, neo liberalism and immaterial labour”.


guide page



Through their findings, the group hopes to understand the needs of an individual who constantly engages in the sphere of social media, possibly oblivious of the political objectification.


Sandra added:


“By nurturing their digital identities and generating content online users feel empowered, engaged and wanted. However, the reality of what they receive in return in terms of value is arguable.


“Through the post digital publication we aim to portray our ideas with comic illustrations in order to exhibit transparency to the audience with regards to where they stand with the social media platforms they use daily.


“We also hope to engage the audience with a sheer comparison to the movie Ghost Rider (2007) wherein the protagonist signs a contract with the devil in exchange for his soul.”


For more information on this project and collaborative projects from MA Communication, Culture & Media students, please click here for The Social Netcessity 


Written by Ali Bushnell 

Edited by Esmé Spurling 



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