Guide to Campus gets its Premiere

It wasn’t a case of first night nerves, but more a case of first afternoon nerves when the Guide to Campus film had its premiere on Friday 22 April.

The stage was set within The Grass area of the DMLL and staff and students sat and listened as to how it all came about and heard from the students who took part about what they felt about the project.

It seemed very appropriate therefore that Claire Simmons, from the Centre for Global Engagement (CGE) should choose a phrase that William Shakespeare first used in The Merry Wives of Windsor when she told the International students that,

‘the world was their oyster’

 – and opportunities like this make all the difference when it comes to cultural collaboration. 

In fact, this project was supported by the CGE as the International students were getting paid a grant to work on it. They will continue to support future projects and can help International students find paid work experience which would also look good on their CV.

Guide to Campus wasn’t just about making a film. It was more than that. It taught us that students from all backgrounds could work and learn together to create something special.

The ultimate purpose of this project was to bring together students from all cultures to create a short film that first year and prospective students could engage with prior to starting their courses at Coventry University.


guide to campus team
The Guide to Campus Team completing their Project
Claire Simmons, CGE, Guest Speaker for Cultural Collaboration


The film was very well received.

Words like ‘professional, amazing, superb and fun’ were used.

Oliver Wood and Lauren Haywood from the DMLL spoke about the awarding of the Open Badges that the team were eligible to apply for. These were digital ‘accreditations’ that they could use on their profiles on sites like LinkedIn to show that they had gained extra skills and, as Oliver said:

‘these badges enable you to graduate with more than just a degree, you also have a new set of skills that employers can see when looking for possible future employees.’




But how did the Guide to Campus team feel about the project?


Tara Rutledge, a 1st Year Media Production Student, said:


‘Working on Guide to Campus has really helped improve my editing and cinematography skills and I have met some amazing people.’



Yimen Wei, who is a 2nd year Media and Communications student from China, said:

winny library promo

‘I have learned so many new skills; working as part of a team, how to direct and how to storyboard. I have also learned how to present and how to communicate and interview people.’


Esmé Spurling, Project Officer from the Office of Teaching and Learning, wanted the whole experience to be something the students could learn from as well as have fun.


Esmé said:

‘I was the first point of contact for the students and supported them throughout the whole process. It was amazing to see the difference in them at the end, especially with the young Chinese students.

They were shy and reserved at the beginning but as the months went on, they not only learned new skills, but they grew in confidence. In fact, the whole team should be very proud with what they have achieved.’


The nice touch at the end of the film was a short ‘bloopers’ outtake film, which went down very well and generated a few laughs.


So, Guide to Campus was a success. Here is to the next one but the new team that comes on board will have a hard act to follow.

Written and Co-Led by Ali Bushnell, Student Communications Officer, Office of Teaching & Learning.

Edited & Co-Led by Esmé Spurling, Project Officer, Office of Teaching & Learning

Photographer: Tara Rutledge, 1st Year Media Production Student


Special Thanks: 

Claire Simmons, Acting Deputy Director of Academic & Employability Director

Laura Davis, UK Work Experience, CGE 

Oliver Wood, Projects & Community Assistant, DMLL

Lauren Haywood, Project Activator, DMLL 

Jacqui Speculand, Principle Project Lead, (Open Badges) DMLL

Lanchester Library 

The Hub Services 

William Morris Building

Singer Hall, Coventry University Accommodation 

Read More about Guide to Campus – Click here 


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