Student Experience: The Feedback

The following article includes the supportive data from activity sessions carried out at four different locations on campus: The Hub, Jaguar Building, Engineering and Computing Building and The Library.

This is just a ‘snapshot’ of the feedback taken over 4 days with 86 responses from students who took part in a student experience activity that originally stemmed from the idea of gamifying a survey*. By adding this gamified element into the activity, it became a practical, colourful and engaging exercise for students to participate in.

*Gamification of a student experience activity was sparked by Game Changers, DMLL, led by Sylvester Arnab.

The Brief:

To engage with students from a variety of years, faculties and subject areas in order to get their opinions on the student experience and talk openly about what they liked, what they disliked and in what areas they thought University could improve.

The Activity:

The students looked at a series of cards that had different categories and statements on them. They were asked to rate their experience by sticking them up on the pop-up student experience “scale” stand.


Esmé Spurling [Project Officer] demonstrating the Student Experience Scale in EEC.

The main categories included:

  • What do you find difficult?
  • What do you enjoy the most?
  • Did Coventry meet your expectations?
  • Which areas could we improve on?
  • How did you feel arriving to campus?
  • What could we improve?

We also asked students what year they were in and course they were on which gave us an insight into how they felt during their academic study.

 The Results:

What do you find difficult?

Of the 34 responses we had to this category:  5 of them found it difficult to make friends, 4 of them found that time management was an issue, 5 said it was their coursework and 20 said it was managing their finances.




What do you enjoy the most?

 Of the 27 responses we had to this category: 6 enjoyed making friends, 6 enjoyed their coursework, 7 liked living in a new city, 6 said that both the social experience and Fresher’s week were good and 2 enjoyed sporting activity.


Did Coventry meet your expectations?

There were 9 responses to this. Four students said yes and 5 said that Coventry was better than they expected.


Which areas could we improve on?

We had 10 student responses to this. Three thought the teaching could be improved, 3 felt there was not enough well-being support, 2 said that they thought our facilities could be better and 2 said social support was sadly lacking.




How did you feel arriving to campus?

Of the 18 responses to this question, 8 said they were excited, 6 said they were happy and 4 said they felt anxious.

What could we improve?

There were more suggestions to this category: 4 students said that our courses needed improving, 3 said there should be a better careers service for final year students, 2 said facilities could be better and there was room for improvement for each of the following: ‘turnitin,’ gym membership, more campaigning and more societies run by the SU.

Not all the students we spoke to over the course of the four days took part in the activity. Quite a number of them were happy just to talk and every day, we had students telling us of their frustration over IT letting them down (Moodle, turnitin etc.) lack of computers, especially at crucial times, and some said they found it hard to meet deadlines when they had several pieces of work which were due in at moreorless the same time.

Three of the EU and International students said that they felt more could be done to help them settle down and that we should give more support to them on a practical level. They said that they would welcome more information in advance about the campus and the city and once here, we should be giving them more support or provide a specific person to go to if they had problems with their paperwork.

Overall, the majority of the feedback was positive. The students who volunteered to take part in the activity were open and honest and more importantly ‘proud’ to be associated with the University.


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 12.59.16 pm.png

Written and Facilitated by:

Ali Bushnell [Student Communications Officer] & Esmé Spurling [Project Officer]


ES copy 1004-16 Office of Teaching and Learning-01


Special Thanks to: 

Tara Rutledge [Media Production Student]

 Chidimma Okoye [Student Engagement Research Officer]

Kate Green [Projects & Community Assistant] 

Alex Masters [Learning Technologist, DMLL]

Katherine Wimpenny [Researcher in Arts Related Research & Pedagogy]



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