Guide to Campus: The Progress Report


During October 2015, the Office of Teaching & Learning introduced the idea of Chinese students presenting University Campus for prospective Chinese students preparing to study at Coventry.

“Guide to Campus” quickly captured the interest of international and home students who were willing to collaborate as a team to produce a short video introducing Coventry to China in an exciting and unique way.


Five months later and the Project Team are at the peak of filming. Esmé Spurling, Office of Teaching & Learning [OTL] Project Officer and leading the Campus Project, continues to encourage the OTL’s volunteers to tap into their creative side with colleague Ali Bushnell, Student Communications Officer. The team have sourced their own exclusive style of images of Coventry University that illustrates the campus in a stylistic fashion.

Han Xu (2nd Year Media Student) expressed her opinions of how the project was influencing her ideas of the city:

“I prefer the style of Coventry, it’s like different countries together – and this is the beauty of Coventry University. [It’s] Characteristics.”

beauty of coventry.jpg


Topics that will be discussed in the first video will be: a general introduction, The Hub, the William Morris building, Lanchester Library, including the DMLL, and student accommodation. Although the film will be approximately five minutes in duration, it is hoped that a series of films will follow looking at a wider variety of issues and facilities.

Not only have we gathered a committed and talented group of individuals who can present, film, photograph and produce stunning graphics, we have provided them with a ‘digital’ certificate in the form of a badge that is being currently piloted and led by the DMLL.

Students who are actively involved within the project  will be working towards an Open Digital Badge’ which they can use on their professional profile pages. These digital qualifications are being piloted by the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) and are already being used by some major employers to show the skill set of their employees, such as the BBC and Cisco.


Project Activator, Oliver Wood, is currently supporting Guide to Campus’s Digital Badges:

“There are several elements to gaining the Open Badge, all of which have been built in to the project. We hope that it will be something the students can use when looking for future employment, evidencing their skills and experience to prospective employers.”

            – Oliver Wood, Project Activator, DMLL


By sharing this exciting production collaboration of students from all over the world, we hope to encourage students from all over Campus to join in interest for future Guide to Campus videos.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support the project, in particular: CGE UKWEX team, the DMLL, The Hub (Student Services) William Morris & Lanchester Library.

This project demonstrates that theory into practice as a group provides challenging but equally rewarding experiences!




Written & Edited by Esmé Spurling

Photographers: Tara Rutledge & Han Xu

Guide to Campus Presenter: Yimen Wei


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