Why Volunteering Makes Such A Big Difference!

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realise that the more and more charities these days are having an uphill struggle to get the money in.

If it isn’t a cut in their funding from national or local government, it is something else like bad publicity or no publicity – there are thousands of charities out there that we have never even heard of who desperately need help, not just monetary, but volunteer help.

Some charities and organisations maybe localised to a particular area as it supports a local hospice or a child with a life-threatening illness and they rely totally on the goodwill of the community to survive and to raise funds on their behalf.

It is getting harder and harder for these charities to get by because everyone is after the same pot of money, so if you take money out of the equation, what you’re left with is relying on something for free, given to the charity by people who care and want to make a difference.

The recent Student Volunteer Week held on campus hoped to do just that. Over the course of the week (22nd – 27th February) different events took place to encourage the student body to do their bit for others. It need not interfere with their studies, some charities only need people for a few hours at a time, but those that do get involved find that they too benefit from giving something back. Some even say that their experience of helping others has helped them to develop as people and use their newly found confidence and skills to apply for jobs after University.

Some of the local and national charities that came to the Volunteers Fair in the Hub on 23 February were also looking for the passionate volunteer. They ranged from Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens to the St. John Ambulance, from Hillz FM community radio to the Guides and everything else in between.

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One of the stallholders represented a ‘Be A Buddy’ scheme. They are in desperate need for volunteers to support people with learning disabilities to achieve an independent lifestyle and work within the community to support social and leisure activities and much, much more.

At Coventry University, we have a dedicated Volunteering and Employment Team who match students to projects and they are now recruiting for new team members for the 2016/17 academic year.

They are looking for people who are passionate about volunteering and will help to raise the profile of the service and help to recruit others as equally passionate to support them with a range of events and activities.


Fran Docherty, Community Volunteer Coordinator at Coventry University Students’ Union said:

“Being a student volunteer gives you the opportunity to develop your leadership, communication and teamwork skills. You will support the team and help out with a range of volunteering activities. You will also be encouraging other students to volunteer and seek out opportunities for them to be placed with a charity that means something to them. It is so rewarding being on the student volunteer team and I hope we get lots of applicants.”


The deadline for applications to be part of the SVT is Monday 14 March and interviews will be held on 21 March.

For more information and to apply online, click here 

For more CUSU Volunteering Opportunities, click here


Written by Ali Bushnell

Edited by Esmé Spurling 


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