FTMYFG: Lights, Camera, – Research!

Professional experience for second year undergraduates is important; not only for career prospects, but to put theory into practice – taking what you have learnt in the classroom to a current and real –work environment.

-Its also a good idea for students to think, “This is really what I want to do!”


Films that Make You Feel Good, a professional work experience opportunity aimed at undergraduate students (specifically in media and science) has reached a vibrant milestone.

On the 25th February, the [#]FTMYFG Team showcased their hard work on the project at their “Careers Playground” as part of their 201 Media & Communications professional experience module, hosted in Square One, The Hub.


Lead by the DMLL’s Senior Research Fellow & Reader in Arts Related Research Pedagogy, Katherine Wimpenny, and supported by OTL Project Officer Esmé Spurling & Daniel Thomas [FAH HPL], this Project aims to offer high quality curated cinema experiences whilst working with Phoenix, Leicester’s independent cinema and Leicester City Council’s Neighbourhood Team.

Films had been carefully selected to enhance one’s social interaction, uplifting experience and happiness. The screenings were chosen to uplift the spirit and improve mental wellbeing in communities.


The project for our students:  

Our students working on the project as part of their 201MC professional experience, were briefed with working as a team to capture what impact this arts project has on people’s wellbeing. To connect people with other members of the local community as well as additionally signposting to community services that may be useful and accessible for them.


The Ideas:

Ideas became to spark throughout the project of how students would capture this requested data – from surveys to questionnaires – but of course our media and communications students identified a unique and visually enhancing method. By the service users writing down their thoughts and emotions after each screening onto a colourful circle reflection shape (kindly designed by the DMLL’s Project Activator Lauren Heywood) this would enable a ‘tree’ of thoughts collated together and show our service users of the active community they belong to.



The Showcase:

Last Thursday (25th Feb), our team of students showcased their work through digital and physical means at the Careers Playground. Robyn Lanphier and Gabriella Fernc designed a sketchbook of FTMYFG that held not only photographs documenting their interaction on the project but held tickets, stamps, thought cards and FTMYFG ‘souvenirs’.

Malachi Cummings-Hall created a project video of the team’s involvement and documenting very visually how the team engaged with members of the public attending the screenings.

Name tags were designed by Pablo Monterde to fit the theme of FTMYFG and to make the project more personal for the team.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 12.45.17 pmScreen Shot 2016-02-29 at 12.45.23 pm


Student Quotes: How do our students feel?

We’ve asked our students how do they feel on the project in terms of levels of engagement, professionalism and outcomes – we are delighted that FTMYFG has generated such an interest from these creative media & communications students – we look forward to seeing the Project’s progression!


“A fantastic showcase of team-work for our tutors and other students. I hoped our audience was bigger than just that. I admit the DMLL’s provided material helped us look more professional than many of our colleagues, who were on their own producing a good looking stall

‘ It [the Careers Playground] ended up being a quiet party of stall with speakers.”

Pablo Monterde



Written by Esmé Spurling


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