Not a Trace of Nerves for Student Photography Exhibition


Second year photography students at Coventry University recently put on an exhibition of their work at what has to be one of the coolest venues in Coventry: The Coal Vaults at the Tin Music and Arts venue at the Canal Basin.

As soon as I walked in and saw the bustling crowds, I knew that they had a hit on their collective hands. The venue was perfect for ‘Trace’ the exhibition which revolved around the word ‘Trace’ and the photographers’ individual responses to the concept.

If first impressions are anything to go by, the night was a triumph as I had to squeeze past a line-up of people looking at the photographs which were displayed in sections showcasing the talents of the students.


Carys Fyson, one of the organisers of the exhibition was delighted with the turn-out:

“We couldn’t be happier. The venue, the atmosphere and the visitors to the exhibition has made it into a wonderful experience. When you plan for this kind of event, you can never tell how it is going to work out, but everything seemed to come together on the night and it has gone down really well.”


Both Carys and fellow student photographer, Vickie Billham, were interviewed on the local BBC radio station a few hours before the event to give it an extra promotion push and also to give the presenter, Brody Swain, an update on their appeal a few weeks ago on his show for a band to play at the venue.


Vickie Billham said:

“It was fun doing the radio interview. Both Carys and I were sharing a phone talking to Brody and we told him a bit more about the exhibition and that we had got The Upsiders playing at the venue as well. It was great to get the support from our local radio station.”


As you walked around the exhibition, you really did sense how diverse the subject matter was and ranged from traces of light at night time, to urban landscapes, portrait photography, familiar spaces and childhood memories, traces of body parts and natural landscapes; in fact, something for everyone.

There were seven students exhibiting their photographs at Trace, six 2nd year students and one 3rd year Photographer.

From the setting up of the venue right through to de-rigging at the end and everything else in between, these talented young photographers should feel very proud of what they have achieved.


We look forward to seeing more of their work in the future…

Take a listen to the BBC interview [51 mins in]

The Trace Exhibitors were: Carys Fyson, Vickie Billham, Alice Riddy, Chloe Parker, Paige Middleton, Livvy Reeds and Emma Maton.



Written by: Ali Bushnell
Editor: Esmé Spurling

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