“Rapid Prototype”: A Playful Card Survey 

The Brief:

The Office of Teaching & Learning, fuelled by Student’s Experience, need to hear the voices of the students and how they feel Coventry University’s facilities, academic and well-being support is engaging in their everyday work on or off campus. 

The Problem:

Therefore we need to display the voices of students, from home to international and post to under-graduate, in a balanced but unique method. 

Project Officer,  Esmé Spurling and colleague, Ali Bushnell, the Student Communications Officer looked at trying to find a method of communication that was not only interactive but will involve reflection.

Mechanics of the Playful Card Survey: 

A ‘Playful Card Survey’ was ignited by the concept of Gamification, a current project Dr Sylvester Arnab, DMLL,  that changes the way students learn in their subjects.

The Game Changers programme aims to explore and pilot game design by fostering creative problem thinking skills that is collaborated in multiple designs. The OTL therefore aim to enhance this ethos into the mechanics of the Playful Card Survey to measure Student Experience in a current and interactive activity. 

The method of the Card Survey will include 3 boards which will represent scales of 0-5 (5 equals most satisfactory): Employability; Social and Academia. 

There will be 3 questions for students to answer, supported by a icon to represent a thought or feeling attached to that response. This answer card will then be placed upon the scale depending on how strongly a student feels about their experience in (for example) employability. 

This survey will be able to enable students to share each other’s experience of Higher Education, whilst not only reflecting upon their own.

At the end of each completed question board, we will take a photo to document the answers of a particular student, [without identifying].

Therefore collating responses and quantitative data in its most vivid form.

These mechanics of the survey were developed and supported by Learning Technologist, Alex Masters and Project & Community Assistant, Kate Green. This encouragement of ‘gamifying‘ has been invaluable to incorporate into the project, as it would not have been as diverse and multidisciplinary.

[The Planning Stages of a Student Experience: Playful Survey]

Next Steps: Testing with “#GChangers”

 The next steps for this Playful Survey is to test it – theory into practise

Without proceeding to an application of technology, we will create a physical board for students to interact with, which will enhance their reflective process by physically holding an answer or emotion that is represented in a “icon”-filled playing card. 

We encourage students who visit the DMLL, which is where the Office of Teaching & Learning is currently based, to participate in this colourful and interactive survey!

Written by Esme Spurling, Project Officer, Office of Teaching and Learning


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