Want to See Your Words in Print or Online?



Once upon a time, there was a tall building and in that tall building were a number of creative students who were trying hard to put a magazine together…

The tall building in question is George Eliot and if you want to know how the story ends, why not write it yourself?


The students in question are all connected with Cov Words, which is an accessible literary magazine that gives other students the opportunity to have their creative pieces published.

We live in an age where students have never been as vocal and there are many platforms on which they can share their thoughts, feelings and opinions.

I ventured up to the third floor of the George Eliot building to find the group hard at work sifting through submissions for the next magazine, looking at their Facebook presence and testing out different ways to market the publication.

Alyson Morris, a senior lecturer in English who works with the students is hoping that more people will submit pieces for the magazine and for the Facebook page.

Alyson said:

“I don’t want students to think that Cov Words is just written by and for students studying English, it is for everyone to contribute to. The publication caters for a wide-range of tastes and we like to have as much material as we can to choose from.”

When a story, poem or piece of prose is submitted, the student editing team go through each item and select items to be included. At the moment, they are reading what has come in, but are always on the look-out for more.

Bojan Petrov, one of the students involved with Cov Words, said:

“No matter what degree you are doing, you can submit something for us to look at and hopefully publish. You don’t have to have a particular style and you can be as creative as you want. We accept original prose fiction, poetry, scripts, creative journalism and even interviews.”


Cov Words is not just limited to the printed publication. There is also a team that looks after the social media and the Facebook group is also happy to receive items to publish. As well as Facebook, there is the Cov Words blog as well and this has been designed by the students.



The students are also using the vlog medium to appeal for more writers to get on board.

The team don’t want people to think that Cov Words is an exclusive club which is purely for the Y1 English and Creative writing student; it is for everyone so if you’re a student writer or artist, now is the time to get your talents recognised.

You can join The Coventry Words Magazine Society (see Societies pages on the Student Union website). It provides a lively atmosphere for students who want to experience magazine publishing.

Those who participate will form part of the editing team for Cov Words, and be involved in marketing events, promotion, design, distribution, and will liaise with a student editing team from English and Languages in the School of Humanities.

You might also see some creative work by the students dotted around the library if you look on the walls of the DMLL.



So, if you have figured out an ending to the story I started, or just want to write one of your own, what are you waiting for?

Cov Words is accepting submissions for the magazine and website. Submissions can be all manner of creative works and ANY Coventry University student can submit so don’t be shy and submit.

Send your work to coventrywords.bes@coventry.ac.uk

Follow @CoventryWords on Twitter

‘Like’ on Facebook



written by Ali Bushnell

edited by Esmé Spurling




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