A Campus Guide that Paints the Bigger Picture

When an international student chooses to come and study at Coventry University, it is because of a variety of reasons; they want to study in the UK, they like the course, have friends here or studying at an overseas institution that already has links with the University (ERASMUS).

However, all the information that is readily available for prospective international students coming to Coventry can sometimes lack vital ingredients and they are true testimonials and handy tips from fellow countrymen and women who made the leap of faith to come here.

With this in mind, the Office of Teaching and Learning is working with a number of students to produce a ‘Guide to Campus’, which is aimed primarily to benefit prospective Chinese students.

The current mix of international and home students who volunteered to work on the Guide, are currently in the process of producing a short film which will show Chinese students what life is like in Coventry both on campus and in the halls of residence.

OTL Project Officer, Esmé Spurling, who is leading ‘Guide to Campus’:

“[Working with the students currently studying at the University to produce this Guide is proving to be an exciting, but challenging, learning curve for all of us.

We take for granted that international students know what to do when they come here, but talking to some of our current Chinese students, it is evident that some first-hand knowledge would be very useful to help them learn the ropes and settle into University life.”

Topics that will be introduced in the first film will be: a general introduction, The Hub, the William Morris building, Lanchester Library, including the DMLL, and student accommodation. Although the film will be approximately five minutes long, it is hoped that a series of films will follow looking at a wider variety of issues and facilities.

“Really excited about this project. Hoping it will show prospective students in China just how amazing Coventry University is and why they should make it their first choice.”

–Tara Rutledge, Media Production Student.

Although the film is being made outside of their study period, and as part of their professional extra curricular, the students taking part will be working towards an Open Digital Badgewhich they can use on their professional profile pages. These digital qualifications are being piloted by the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) and are already being used by some major employers such as the BBC and Cisco.

All the volunteers offered their services because they could use their practical film-making, interviewing and multimedia skills and will be working together as a team, learning new skills along the way.

“The Open Badge is something the students will be able to earn when working as part of a team on this project and demonstrating a range of media skills. At the end of successfully completing the project, they will be able to apply for an Open Badge that will demonstrate the skills and experience they have acquired.

“There are several elements to gaining the Open Badge, all of which have been built in to the project. We hope that it will be something the students can use when looking for future employment, evidencing their skills and experience to prospective employers.”

            – Oliver Wood, Project Activator, DMLL





Written by Ali Bushnell

Edited by Esmé Spurling

Photography by “Guide to Campus” Project Team Members, Tara Rutledge & Alan Buturlis,

Presenter for “Guide to Campus” William Morris Building, Rong Zang



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