Media Workshop: The Importance of Storytelling


This Media Workshop was facilitated by the DMLL’s interactive and collaborative learning space (The Grass) and lead by Kate Green and Esmé Spurling

The purpose of this workshop was not only for two media-research-related projects to collaborate ideas and individual perspectives into one understanding but to share knowledge of actively interviewing, positioning and framing of the camera and secondary knowledge of a photographer’s understanding of ethics.

Featured in this workshop is Ed Kashi, who introduces the importance of setting the scene of your video/ information package and reminds us that the use of the camera lens is important to focus on in terms of how you speak to your participants.

Kate Green emphasises that understanding your participants is important in relation to how you display them on camera: by focusing on an interview(ee) from above you are instantly showing that person as more vulnerable. Consider being level and eye-to-eye in order to display a more equal power relation and boundary.

Trust is also important when considering making and introducing your ‘characters’ to the scene. Being given consent to create a video or written piece about a person displays a sense of trust and therefore becomes a huge responsibility for the videographer and director, who can often be the same person.

This video was made in order to display the practise of the use of the camera and framing by our own students on current projects:

Films that Make You Feel Good

& “Guide to Campus”

If you are a current student of Coventry University and would like to know more about these projects, or are interested in sharing your knowledge within media, arts or film related research then please email Esmé Spurling:


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