“One Student really is an Ambassador for the University”

During a recent visit to a number of colleges in Boston USA, we were able to spend some time at Olin College of Engineering.

The visit was interesting and we came away with a more complete understanding of their innovative approach to education.

What made the visit great instead of just good was one student –

This delightful engineering student took us on a tour of the facilities, explaining just how the classes were organised and what sort of projects she had developed.  She was positive, knowledgeable and radiated enthusiasm.  Not only was she studying hard, but was just starting to learn a new language and was in charge of the a cappella group.


We came away with the thought “if she is a typical student of Olin – what a great place to study”.


Our students are no different.

As soon as they say,

“I attend Coventry University”,

there is a ripple effect like a pebble dropped in a pond.

The Office of Teaching & Learning, in turn, is charged with maximising the positive benefits of new initiatives for our students,

Therefore, we continue to lead and collaborate on projects based internally and externally to the University that are aimed to heighten the student experience and engage in professional experience.

Lauren Hafford

Written by Lorraine Gearing

Edited by Esmé Spurling


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