Welcome CU Reps!

Welcome Reps to Adobe Slate!

As a Student Representative you are aware of your fellow peers understanding, learning and development in order to progress academically and socially: supporting one another equally.

As a new office of Teaching & Learning, @OTLCovUni we wish to support you by focusing on issues that may arise, by targeting them early on. By highlighting them sooner rather than later, problems or concerns can be sorted to help improve your academic and social development.

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For the upcoming student forum meetings this year, specific questions have been designed in order to ignite the discussion of topics and themes for 2015/16. The aim is to integrate the principles of the new education and assessment strategies in order to identify methods to enhance your student experience.

The Themes that have been introduced include the following:

  • Digital Literacy and Technology within the Classroom
  • Assessment Turnaround & Feedback
  • Employability & Industry Engagement
  • Personal Tutorials & Student Support (APT’s)

These themes have been chosen to generate a focussed discussion, over and above the usual topics that have previously been discussed during the Rep Forum Meetings.


all of us


Student Charter 2015/16

Written by Esmé Spurling


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